Prague College Library: UNIX Network Programming: Networking APIs: Sockets and XTI; Volume 1
Title:      UNIX Network Programming: Networking APIs: Sockets and XTI; Volume 1
Categories:      Computing
BookID:      CO-HND-0027
Authors:      W. Richard Stevens
ISBN-10(13):      9780134900124
Publisher:      Prentice Hall PTR
Publication date:      1998-01-15
Edition:      2nd
Number of pages:      1009
Language:      English
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49001-1 The only guide to UNIX network programming APIs you'll ever need! Whether you write Web servers, client/server applications, or any other network software, you need to understand networking APIS-especially sockets in greater detail than ever before. You need UNIX Network Programming, Volume 1, Second Edition. In this book, leading UNIX networking expert W. Richard Stevens offers unprecedented, start-to-finish guidance on making the most of sockets, the de facto standard for UNIX network programming-as well as extensive coverage of the X/Open Transport Interface (XTI). Stevens begins by introducing virtually every basic capability of TCP and UDP sockets, including socket functions and options, I/O multiplexing, and name and address conversions. He presents detailed coverage of the Posix.1g standard for sockets and the Posix threads. He also introduces advanced techniques for: *Establishing IPv4/IPv6 interoperability. *Implementing non-blocking I/O. *Routing sockets. *Broadcasting and multicasting. *IP options. *Multithreading. *Advanced name and address conversions. *UNIX domain protocols. *Raw sockets.Learn how to choose among today's leading client/server design approaches, including TCP iterative, concurrent, preforked and prethreaded servers. Master the X/Open Transport Interface, including XTI TCP clients and servers, name and address functions, options, streams and additional functions. The Internet/intranet revolution has dramatically increased the demand for developers with a sophisticated understanding of network programming APIs, especially sockets. One book contains all you need to know: UNIX Network Programming, Volume 1, Second Edition. Review
The classic programming text Unix Network Programming has been updated by author W. Richard Stevens to encompass three new volumes. There have been a few changes in the computing world since 1990 (the year the original was published), and Stevens has taken the opportunity to create a complete set of reference manuals for programmers of all skill levels.

The first volume, Networking APIs: Sockets and XTI, covers everything you need to know to make your programs communicate over networks. Stevens covers everything from writing your programs to be compatible with both Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) and IPv6, to raw sockets, routing sockets, User Datagram Protocol (UDP), broadcasting/multicasting, routing sockets, server internals, and more, plus a section covering Posix threads.

Stevens also notes compatibility issues with different operating systems so that readers can create code that is more portable, and he offers plenty of advice on how to make code more robust. --Doug Beaver