Prague College Library: Digital Layout for the Internet and Other Media (E-Design)
Title:      Digital Layout for the Internet and Other Media (E-Design)
Categories:      Art & Design
BookID:      GD-HND-0036
Authors:      David Skopec
ISBN-10(13):      9782884790314
Publisher:      AVA Publishing
Publication date:      2004-04-28
Edition:      0
Number of pages:      160
Language:      English
Rating:      0 
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Description:      Product Description
As digital media slowly replaces traditional paper formats, knowledge of the digital layout environment becomes essential. Using a methodical approach, this is the first guide of its kind to deal specifically with layouts for screen-based media. Three distinct areas—design, system, and experience—form the basis of a thorough discussion of layout theory and conceptualization. Terms heretofore loosely defined, such as interface, montage, topology, and visual gestures, are given precise meaning and placed into appropriate context. The result is a treasure trove of information that provides designers with one more piece to the digital media puzzle.