Prague College Library: C++: The Complete Reference
Title:      C++: The Complete Reference
Categories:      Computing
BookID:      CO-HND-00102
Authors:      Herbert Schildt
ISBN-10(13):      9780078824760
Publisher:      Mcgraw-Hill Osborne Media
Publication date:      1998-08-01
Edition:      3rd
Number of pages:      1008
Language:      English
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover
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Description:      Product Description
Herb Schildt is the world's best selling C++ author--over 2 million programming books sold! The most complete coverage of the new ANSI C++ Standard available, including new chapters on the Standard Template Library (STL), namespace naming methods, and new classes. Written in Schildt's uncompromising style and attention to detail. Easy-to-follow, three part organization. Part I - Describes the root of C++ (What it is and how it works). Part II - Covers C++'s OOP components and classes in detail. Part III - Covers all effective C++ software application development.