Prague College Library: Hsün Tzu: Hsun Tzu: Basic Writings
Title:      Hsün Tzu: Hsun Tzu: Basic Writings
Categories:      General
BookID:      GE-0175
ISBN-10(13):      9780231106894
Publisher:      Columbia University Press
Publication date:      1996-04-15
Edition:      Revised
Number of pages:      177
Language:      English
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Hsün Tzu set forth the most complete well-ordered philosophical system of his day. Although basically Confucian, he differed with Mencius, his famous predecessor in the Confucian school, by asserting that the original nature of man is evil. To counteract this evil, he advocated self-improvement, the pursuit of learning, the avoidance of obsession, and constant attention to ritual in all areas of life. With a translation by the noted scholar Burton Watson, includes an introduction to the philosopher in relation to Chinese history and thought. Readers familiar with Hsün Tzu's work will find that Watson's lucid translation breaths new life into this classic. For those not yet acquainted with Hsün Tzu, will reach a new generation who will find his ideas on government, language, and order and safety in society surprisingly close to the concerns of our own age.